Vilson Vieira

Coder and artist. I create algorithms that create at The Grid. My current focus is on artificial intelligence, alternative interfaces to computer programming, hackable & sustainable structures and creativity exploration. This is a wiki-blog-portfolio hybrid where I collect thoughts, feel free to explore. I love to collaborate, please follow me and keep in touch by Twitter ,Github ,Flickr, SoundCloud or the old-fashion Email. Thank you for your visit.

We apply algorithms and techniques from the Computer Vision field. Combined with hand picked datasets we can create extractors for features we are interested in. With that our AI can answer questions like "what is a good color palette from this image?", "where is the best place to crop that picture?" or "can we place text on top of this image? and where?".

Using the extracted PBF from Brazil region made available by Gisgraphy project and following the steps from Dan Burzo - where he draws every street in Romania - I was able to generate the following visualizations of every street in Brazil.

We were working on a genetic programming algorithm to generate contours based on a given example.

Each line is a population ordered from best to poor fitness. Each individual have a genotype (draw instructions) and a phenotype (the drawing itself).